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Diving and research in the Maldives 29.05.2013
Tour of Chernobyl and the abandoned town of Pripyat 18.05.2013
Research trip to Havana, Cuba 08.07.2012
Seaplane flight training on the lakes of Minnesota 04.06.2012
Researching diving scenes in Belize for a new thriller 12.04.2012
Christmas and New Years in Uruguay 01.02.2012
Roaming Paris for thriller scenes 05.11.2011
Diving and research in Dominican Republic 24.09.2011
Visit to Cusco and Machu Picchu, Peru 20.08.2011
Researching a thriller in Lima, Peru 17.08.2011
Building a Spy Case in Istanbul 15.06.2011
Revisiting Nicaragua’s Sandinista Revolution 12.06.2011
Investigating the Former Paraguayan Dictatorship 01.03.2011
More Aerial Photography over Uruguay 01.03.2011
Finding Scenes for a Thriller in Sofia, Bulgaria 11.10.2010
Delving into Romania's Revolution and Cold War Past 11.10.2010
Examining the NATO Bombing of Serbia (Part II - Targets) 30.09.2010
Examining the NATO Bombing of Serbia (Part I - Weaponry) 30.09.2010
Historical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 11.07.2010
Researching New Orleans for a Sequel Thriller 11.07.2010
Literary Research in Uruguay and Brazil 11.07.2010
Searching for Crime Scenes in Amsterdam 11.07.2010
Exploring North Korea 18.09.2009
Beijing: A City on the Rise 15.09.2009
Honduras: In the Eye of a Coup d'Etat 08.08.2009
Dubrovnik's Present Beauty and Troubled Past 29.06.2009
Northern Italy Offers Perfect Scenes for Novels 29.06.2009
Searching for Intrigue in the Swiss Alps 29.06.2009
Denmark's Historical Center 25.05.2009
Göteborg's Secret Cold War Base (Sweden Part II) 24.05.2009
Exploring Stockholm for Scenes (Sweden Part I) 23.05.2009
Investigating Uruguayan Politics 11.02.2009
The Panama Canal (Panama Part II) 05.01.2009
America's Cold War Legacy in Central America (Panama Part I) 05.01.2009
The Atlas Mountains and Pre-Saharan Plains (Morocco part II) 08.12.2008
Marrakech: A Mystical City (Morocco part I) 08.12.2008
Historical Scenes in Paris 08.12.2008
Chile's Urban and Natural Wonders 02.10.2008
Researching a War Relic in New Jersey 23.08.2008
Clandestine Meeting in Miami's Famous South Beach 03.07.2008
Stunning Scenes of Halong Bay (Vietnam Part III) 18.06.2008
Hanoi's Legacy of War and Colonialism (Vietnam Part II) 17.06.2008
Discovering Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam Part I) 12.06.2008
Scouring Vegas for One Hot Scene 05.05.2008
Mexican Sunshine, Tequila and a "Sinful" Story 11.03.2008
Tales from the Uruguayan Coast 02.01.2008
Exploring Buenos Aires 29.12.2007
My Own Bolivian Diary 22.11.2007
New Orleans Two Years After Katrina 03.11.2007
Uncovering Krakow's Secrets 18.09.2007
An Inside Look at Venezuela's Political Landscape 10.07.2007
Mexico City's Hot Spots 12.06.2007
My Russian Book Launch 25.11.2006
Return to Acapulco on the Trail of My First Novel 14.06.2006
About this Blog 29.06.1997